To help you look your best we carry a wide selection of high fashion frames from Tura, Marchon, Marcolin and Charmant. We can custom order just about anything you want from most manufacturers. If you are a hard size to fit, we can custom order frames for you. Do you need a monocle? We know where to get them. Do you need special frames so you can see and apply your make up at the same time? We can do it for you. Let us tell you why titanium, stainless steel, cobalt steel, monel, beryllium, carbon graphite, zyl or cellulose acetate may be best for you. Are your frames sliding down your nose, leaving dents on your nose, leaving dents on the side of your head or hurting behind your ears? Stop blaming the glasses and get mad at the person who adjusted them. A well selected and adjusted pair of glasses won’t do that. Come to a place where the doctor cares about such things and has over 30 years of experience wearing them everyday.

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Last revised December 10, 1999
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