Dr. Barr’s Optometric Products


To help you look your best we carry a wide selection of high fashion frames from Ray-Ban, Marchon, Marcolin and Charmant. We can custom order just about anything you want from most manufacturers. If you are a hard size to fit, we can custom order frames for you. Do you need a monocle? We know where to get them. Do you need special frames so you can see and apply your make up at the same time? We can do it for you. Let us tell you why titanium, stainless steel, cobalt steel, monel, beryllium, carbon graphite, zyl or cellulose acetate may be best for you. Are your frames sliding down your nose, leaving dents on your nose, leaving dents on the side of your head or hurting behind your ears? Stop blaming the glasses and get mad at the person who adjusted them. A well selected and adjusted pair of glasses won’t do that. Come to a place where the doctor cares about such things and has over 30 years of experience wearing them everyday.

Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle lenses are like diamonds. They are only as good as the material they are cut from and only as good as the person and machine cutting them. Trust your vision to someone who knows and cares about quality. Did you know there are at least six different “hi-index” lenses. Did you know there are at least five different lens treatments being used to make them allegedly scratch resistant. Let us explain why they are not all alike, why some are worthless and which is best for you.

Contact Lenses

We fit almost every contact that is available in the market today. There are sight threatening short and long term consequences to wearing contact lenses. We will fit you with the product most appropriate for your needs. If we fit you with a lens different from your current one, we will insist on you returning to the office for two or three follow-up visits. We think this is very important to ensure your success and safety with contact lenses. Many patients think they feel comfortable and they see well and therefore everything is okay. A successful contact lens fit also includes a happy doctor. The doctor can only be happy if they measure your performance and look at your eyes with a powerful microscope.

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