Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Not all eye examinations are equal even if they are called by the same name. When comparing services you need to compare procedures performed and the amount of time you will spend with the doctor. I firmly believe in testing as much as I can on all patients. This usually takes about 45 minutes of my time. The following details what I do in a comprehensive exam.

Get your general health history

Get your eye history

Get your blood relatives' general history

Get your blood relatives' eye history

Get a list of your medications

Get a list of your allergies

Document your complaints in detail

Measure your vision at 20 feet with and without glasses

Measure your vision at 16 inches with and without glasses

Test the six muscles of each eye which control your ability to point your eyes in a particular direction

Test how straight your eyes are in their relaxed and active positions

Make sure you can cross your eyes adequately

Make sure your pupils are working properly

Measure your old glasses to get a baseline

Test your color vision on the first visit

Test your 3-D stereo vision on the first visit

Estimate what your prescription should be

Determine an accurate prescription for you

Visually examine the external parts of your eyes with a microscope to look for diseases like cataracts

Measure the fluid pressure in your eye with a Goldmann Tonometer to assist in ruling out glaucoma

Dilate your pupils and perform a thorough examination of the nerves and blood vessels in your eyes to look for diseases, infection, injury, tumors etc.

Take the time to explain my findings and recommendations

Take the time to answer all of your very important questions

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Last revised December, 1999
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